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This is a webpage for those who are geeky and want to transfer something that no one else will be able to know. It can encrypt and decrypt messages using AES-128 CTR. You can encrypt the message and send it to a pal via another guy. Because the message in transit is encrypted, the guy in the middle has no feasible way to know what is its content. Your pal then decrypts the message and knows what you want to say.

The algorithm is key-based. The attacker may know the algorithm, but still doesn't know the message unless they know the key as well, which currently infeasible to guess for this algorithm, so you can rest assured.

This page is run entirely client-side. Connection to the server is only used to download the page.


The page has two main sections: Input and Output.


This section is where you supply input to the page for opeartion. The elements are:

  • Mode: Where you choose to encrypt or decrypt the text/data in the box.
  • Input text: Type your input text/data here. There is a "Clear" button for your convenience.
  • Password: This is the 128-bit key for the algorithm. It accepts exactly 16 characters, or else the algorithm will cease to work.
  • Perform: Do the selected action (encrypt or decrypt). If everything goes right, something will appear in the Output section.


  • A line of text: This place is where the output comes in. If nothing has been done yet, it will tell you so in italic.
  • Copy: Copies the output. Only appears when there is output in the above line.


  • Choose mode "Encrypt" then type in the following input text:
This is an example text used for testing purposes.
  • In "Password", enter 0123456789abcdef.
  • Press "Perform". The output will be:
  • Press "Copy" the output.
  • Choose mode "Decrypt". Press "Clear" the text box then paste the previous output there.
  • Press "Perform" again. The output will be the original message:
This is an example text used for testing purposes.

Source and credits[edit]

The page is hosted on GitHub.

For AES encryption, the page uses aes-js by ricmoo. Licensed under MIT.